Meet Fandy Diney

Holistic Education Advocate

“The question to children should not be
‘What will you do?’, but ‘Who will be?’” -Fandy Diney

Hi! I’m Fandy or as my students call me Profe Fandy. I am an international educator and advocate for child-centered, holistic learning. 

After over a decade of in-class teaching experience, I spent three years at an International Baccalaureate Continuum school in Uganda. There I was deeply inspired by seeing first hand the incredible educational outcomes that are possible when schools focus not solely on profit, parent demands or teaching to the test, but on children’s lifetime success. 

From then on I decided to inquire into Holistic Education through my MA in Education, and work towards my vision of every child having an educational experience that nurtures their wholebeing – academically, socioemotionally and spiritually. 

Today, I am an IB Affiliate, active Workshop Leader and School Visitor. (You can view my complete resume here.) I love stepping into schools and educational systems and revolutionizing the way curricula are built – with holistic child development at the center. I also love witnessing the lightbulb moment on teachers’ faces when they discover what works for them and their students.

I provide expertise through professional development seminars which empower principals, middle leaders, teachers and even parents with how to implement today’s best practices in teaching which support children both in and out of the classroom. 

“I am a problem-solver who sees the whole picture, the road ahead, and how we can partner together for your success.”